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Allard Motor Co. are directly linked to Allard Turbo Sport.

Allard Motor Co.
Manufacture aluminium components and products for motor sport and related industries, we have a dedicated team of engineers who have much experience in order to meet all customers requirements.

Allard Turbo Sport UK. www.allardturbosport.co.uk
Land-Rover turbo diesel tuning, turbo charger rebuild and intercooler system specifications.

Sydney Allard

Allard Motor Co. includes a team of skilled individuals who strive to produce cost effective products for the automotive industry. Product design and development is now being headed by Lloyd Allard, with the assistance of Alan Allard who has many years of experience in turbocharging and supercharging, also in recent years turbo diesel engine tuning for road and track.

Allard have always been heavily involved in motosport, the Allard motor company being founded in 1946 by Sydney Allard. Sydney manufactured several cars all of which were modified and built by himself. Alan Allard who was involved in dragsters and rallying in the 60s and 70s mixing with the likes of Dante Duce and Roger Clarke. All the way to the present, with grandson Lloyd competing in saloon car championships, currently driving a highly developed Volkswagen Golf turbo diesel.

Alan Allard - Technical Services Director

Within the Allard Company we are concentrating on turbo diesel technology as we believe that turbo diesel specialised engine development is an area which is going to increase dramatically in importance for both normal road use and in motorsport. Along with much experience in the automotive industry and the knowledge withheld in the company staff, we feel we have what it takes to offer competitively priced high quality components and products. We offer complete tuning packages for your turbo diesel, primarilary Volkswagen models. If you are in need of performance, an Allard conversion on your Volkswagen is your best option.

Allard also offer manufacture of products, which are not directly related to motor sport. If you have a requirement, which is within our field of expertise, please contact us for advice. We distribute worldwide a large range of products, so if you have an application in mind we will be keen to assist. We also offer skills in prototype designs and applications.

Lloyd Allard - Design & Engineering Director

We have many years of experience and have many satisfied customers worldwide. If you would like to discuss your application, please feel free to call our offices.

Alan Allard - Technical Services Director.

Lloyd Allard - Design & Engineering Director.

Gavin Allard - Historian (Allard Car Owners Club).


Gavin Allard - Historian (Allard Car Owners Club)

Allard archives and historic information is headed by Gavin Allard, if you require any information concerning Allard history or if you require information on a particular subject or an automobile. feel free to email Gavin Allard.

Email Gavin@Allardmotorcompany.co.uk


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