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The roots of the present ALLARD business go way back to the days of the ALLARD MOTOR COMPANY which designed and built the world famous ALLARD cars during the 1947-1957 period.

The driving force and founder of the Allard Motor Company was Sydney Allard. Sydney was very successful in diverse forms of motorsport driving Allard cars. This included winning the Monte Carlo Rally in a P1 Saloon in 1952  the 1949 British Hill Climb Championship in the Steyr engined Allard racing car and coming third in the 1950 Le Mans 24 hour race  again driving a car built by himself, the Allard J2 with Cadillac V8 engine. Achievements which are unlikely to be repeated again.

Sydney Allard also introduced the sport of Drag Racing to the U.K. and Europe, building the first dragster outside the U.S.A. in 1960 and then staging the spectacular Drag Festivals in 1963 and 1964. At the same time Sydney built up Adlards Motors, a Ford Dealership, in South West London, which ran alongside the Allard Motor Company for many years and became one of the largest dealerships in the U.K.

Allard ceased production of road going cars in 1957 with the Allard Palm Beach GT  this was displayed at the 1956 London Motor Show.

Sydney and his son Alan both drove the Allard Dragsters. Alan took the dragster  mile world record in the second Chrysler engined dragster and several international records in the supercharged Ford Cortina engined dragster, the Dragon.

The Allards, both Father and son, rallied, raced, sold modified Fords and a wide range of motor accessories  producing the first special tuning equipment catalogue in 1960.

From 1960, Allard marketed a wide range of Shorrock supercharger conversions, long before the widespread use of turbocharging and supercharging. From 1975 the emphasis has been on turbochargers. More recently Allard have specialised in automobile turbo diesel special tuning, primarily with uprated intercoolers and related motor products.

We have since 1995, widened our range to cover aluminium specialist products, details of which, together with our turbo diesel special tuning, can be found on this website.

Lloyd Allard has formed Allard Motor Company in 2000 to further develop the business and market a range of fabricated Aluminium products, principally fuel / water tanks and intercoolers.

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